TANGOBENELUX is an international organization that aims: to promote and to announce Argentine Tango with it's culture in it's widest perspective: the dance, the music, the poetry, the history, painting, photography and other forms of art that can accent or expose this culture.


The primer goal of TANGOBENELUX is to protect the transformation of this dance considering her origin, authenticity and development, as it is practiced in the countries around the region of the Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay), where the authentic character of this dance is based upon improvisation.


As the Argentine Tango is developed from a mixture of different cultures TANGOBENELUX aims to reunite people, in particular in the countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, with a different cultural background who share the same interest in the culture of Argentine Tango.


In this way TANGOBENELUX can succeed with it's second mayor goal to establish a platform for those who enjoy the music, the dance, art and the way of life of Argentine Tango.


Next to this TANGOBENELUX stimulates the cooperation between artists, dancers and teachers in the Benelux for the realization of cultural projects and the improvement of the transmission of the knowledge and art of the dance and it's culture.


Since the establishment of TANGOBENELUX we have undertaken many activities and new developments are taking place. To keep in touch with our activities, you can send us an e-mail to:info@tangobenelux.com